Coronavirus Preparedness

LFM (Learn From Home): The new normal for kids

With schools closing and the confusion of kids across the country, we are here to help with some tips and tricks from the teaching force themselves. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by multiple teacher friends that help kids like yours everyday. I’ve asked them for some advice during this confusing and overwhelming (parents, we feel for you) time.

Let’s start with setting the tone for the week - Dress code!

Make a lineup for the week that will have a theme for each day. This helps excitement for kids transition from their beds to their new desks.

For example:

Monday - Pajama day, Change out of the ones you woke up in, pick out your favorite thermals

Tuesday - Rainbow day, Get out your favorite funky colored t-shirt

Wednesday - Decade day, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s What decade will your house travel to?

Thursday - Beach Party! Since we are not commuting far, get out your swim trunks and cover ups

Friday - Sports day, What team are you playing for?


Getting Set Up.

Once your week is scheduled and the wardrobe is picked out, setting a comfortable and quiet work place is key. Keeping the tv off and the music low (sometimes a little background noise helps) to keep the concentration high.

Time to get to work.


Although paper assignments are still happening, a lot is virtual now. What should students do if they don't have access to computers or Wi-Fi?

Well, the city has said it will do as much as they can to help the situation of the estimated 300,000 kids who will need technological assistance, in party by buying up to 300,000 iPads from Apple. Details are few right now and we'll be updating this post as we learn more, as well as posting updates on our social feeds.

Lunch Time!

Hopefully you’ve made it to the supermarket but we know this might be difficult for some families, don’t worry, the city will have you covered as starting this week there will be grab-and go meals at school buildings, which will be available at the schools ordinary start time. The city is working on other sites that will be able to get food to children beyond this week.

To the extent there are hiccups in the city's response or if you're unable to get there, consider a food pantry.  We have a guide to those as well, which you can read here:

Dig Through The Closet!

Do you have a stack of board games in your closet that your child never agreed to play or played once, called it boring and walked off? If you're like the parents we know, you do. Now's the time to break those back out. Or get a new one at your local thrift shop or flea market (though best to bge in and out of those). Let's party like it's 1979.


Get Fresh Air!

With the temperatures rising and the first day or spring approaching, open the windows, go outside (close to the house) and play with chalk, or read a book. As important as it is to stay home right now, getting fresh air is important and as long as you don't go near crowds and keep your distance from people generally, it's safe to do so..

We have to stick together (mentally) and help each other during this transition. This is the new normal for now and adapting together is key. Let us know if you have any tips or tricks that work for your family. Stay safe everyone!