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Right now we all need to simulate a real life online.  To help, we at asembl are bringing people together for live on zoom comedy, music, meditation/wellness and other events.  You can hear the audience laugh and cheer, see your friends and family who are there & interact with the performers. It's great. We call it not so live.


  • We'll put up a link below to a show. Click on that for details.
  • A band / comedian / whatever will start a performance at a specific time.
  • The audience will join via teleconference (get the program here, it's super simple).
  • You can turn off your microphone / camera if you like but it'll be way better if you keep it on so that the performer can hear when their jokes are hitting or people are vibing to the music.
  • We'll include a link to a tip jar. Shows are free but lots of performers are hurting now so please help them out.
  • And, oh yeah, these definitely aren't for kids.

Let's have some real live fun, on zoom.

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Here's a directory of all the great artists we've worked with.

Upcoming Events:

The amazing Beat Disciples are taking over our Instagram at 8 ET tonight. Check it out!

August 14, 2020


Join us for three great comedians, live on Zoom (and streamed to all the usual suspects). With Lindsay Theisen, Hannah Boone & Sheria Mattis.

Past Events:

July 17

asembl (not so) live #38 w/ Freddy G, James Mattern & Erik Bergstrom

July 15

asembl (not so) live #37 w/ Tori Piskin, Charles McBee & Sarah Hartshorne

May 1, 2020

asembl (not so live) #19 w/ Nore Davis, Gianmarco Soresi & Ashley Brooke Roberts

May 6, 2020

asembl (not so live) #21 w/ Dina Hashem, Rosebud Baker & Finn Straley

May 4, 2020

asembl (not so live) #20 w/ Jay Jurden, Eric Dadourian & Steven Rogers

May 2, 2020

Ian Lockwood "Nasty" EP Release Party

May 1, 2020

asembl (not so live) #19 w/ Nore Davis, Gianmarco Soresi & Ashley Brooke Roberts