Neko White

Neko White

We're excited to have the hilarious Neko White join us on Wednesday, May 20 at 9 ET for live comedy via teleconference (and YouTube), together with Myq Kaplan & Greta Titelman.

Funny, Smart, Fresh, and magnetic. Neko White is a ever rising star On the comedy circuit.  As a stand-up, Neko has been featured on TruTV’s Laff Tracks, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, Fox’s Laughs, and STARZ’s “New York’s Funniest.” He has also appeared as host of Vice News’s popular series, How To Be A Person, and regular guest on MTV2’s Hip Hop Hollywood Squares. In 2015, Neko released his first one-hour comedy special, “Introducing Me” and his second one "Marscellus" just this month.

In 2016, he won the prestigious Caroline’s March Madness Competition and was named a “New Face” at the Montreal “Just for Laughs Festival.” Neko works all of the top clubs in New York City and Headlining across the country on his “Introducing Me” tour. Armed with a well-developed worldview, unique background, and an endearing charm, Neko’s material sheds light through social commentary and personal analysis. He holds a mirror up to himself and everything around him and will hilariously dissect what he sees in that reflection. Neko is a welcomed breath of fresh air and adept at presenting his observations whether social or personal to any audience.

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