Seaton Smith

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We're excited to have the extremely funny Seaton Smith join us on Friday, July 31 at 9 ET for live comedy via Zoom (and YouTube), together with LeClerc Andre & Jessica Brodkin.

Seaton Smith is a comedian, actor, writer & director. In late 2014, Seaton made his television debut as ‘Motif’ on Fox's "Mulaney".  Soon after, in 2015, he had a breakout performance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Then he got real lucky, appearing on "Inside Amy Schmer", in the season 5 finale of HBO's "Girls" and in Hulu's "Difficult People". All while also being a regular guest on Comedy Central's "Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore".

In 2017, Seaton had a blast making people uncomfortable when he made his first appearance on Conan.  Vulture named him one of the 50 comedians you should know in 2015: " he’s bursting with energy in a way that sets him apart in a overcrowded stand-up scene." says Seaton “offers a mesmerizing, livewire performance, full of joy and amazing comic energy”. "A naturally effervescent stage presence. as spirited as he is cerebral…one to watch" according to Time Out New York September 2015.

Under the legendary comedy record comedy New Wave, Seaton released his debut album "Bologna Meat" in 2015, of which Laugh Button said "Smith's humor is smart, energetic, and refreshingly clever as he fiddles with unique views on the world…continuously brings something new and exciting to stale topics.”

Since then he's traveled the world doing standup. He’s performed at over 200 colleges across the country and he has headlined shows across the world, appearing in international comedy festivals including Just For Laughs in Montreal, the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Iveagh Gardens Comedy Festival.

Here's the main page for the show.

Here's the main page for the series where you can check out upcoming and past shows, including comedians every Wednesday & Friday at 9 ET, musicians whenever we succeed in booking them, trivia shows and much more besides.

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seaton smith comedian comic comedy standup stand-up

seaton smith comedian comic comedy standup stand-up

seaton smith comedian comic comedy standup stand-up

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seaton smith comedian comic comedy standup stand-up